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Get Peace of Mind with Private Information Storage, Online or Offline 

You already know how to get the most out of today by preparing for tomorrow. 55 Plus Essential Services simply makes it easier with the Personal Affairs Portfolio, a comprehensive snapshot of your family, medical and financial affairs.  Imagine how easy things can be when personal information storage puts every vital piece of information at your fingertips! And if you are not able to care for your own affairs, secure personal information storage and retrieval with the Personal Affairs Portfolio will simplify a stressful situation for your loved ones or caregivers.

Take a look at our Sample Forms.

Imagine the ease and convenience of your vital records and essential documents stored in one simple-to-access online location, available 24/7! Or print your portfolio and store the hard copies wherever you wish.

Have questions or need help completing the forms? No problem. Our licensed, bonded and insured representatives offer assistance by phone or in your home, within certain geographical locations.

Select Your Portfolio Now.

What kind of information can you store in your Personal Affairs Portfolio?

  • Birth certificate
  • Health care card
  • Social Security card and info
  • Passport
  • Military records
  • Family emergency phone numbers
  • Financial details
  • Monthly Bills
  • Mortgage or loan information
  • Insurance papers
  • Assets
  • Wills
  • Medical directives
  • Powers of attorney
  • Medical Records


The choices for storage of your personal information are endless!

With so much to think about, why not prepare now?

We’re here to help. Give us a call at (610) 621-2300.


“Our children are so pleased we gave them a copy of our completed portfolio. When needed, our wishes will be known.”

- Jan and Bill Weber Providence, Rhode Island

“Susan found me money! When we worked together and filled out my financial information I discovered I lived long enough that it was better to cash out my life insurance rather than keep paying into the policy!”

- Margaret Cody Spring Hill, FL